At Verityhurst, we believe that leadership means having the ability to translate vision into reality. Everyone in our leadership team brings with them wealth of experience in their designated fields, a passion for innovative solutions, and a commitment to exceeding shareholders’ expectations

Mandla Lamba

Dr. Mandla Lamba
Founder & CEO

Mandla Lamba is the first generation of the Lamba Dynasty and he has been described as one of the most influential young entrepreneurs of his generation. Widely respected for his work in the financial markets, his ingenuity and craftiness has helped create a number of world-class businesses. His notable roles range from establishing Verityhurst, to forming one of fastest growing investment banking firms in Africa, to heading up market-changing companies in the mining, farming, Semiconductor, financial services, energy, agri-industries, logistics and real estate sectors.

Dr. Lamba is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Verityhurst, Chairman of Veracity Resources, a mining and minerals holdings company.

Dr. Lamba is also Chairman of Paradigm Property Group, a leading developer of exclusive real estate in a selection of prime – as well as new and emerging locations – around Africa. He uses his inimitable ingenuity to identify and open up development areas to envisage, plan, create and construct the highest quality luxury working and living environments in unique locations that work in harmony with the beauty of their natural surroundings. He has extensive experience in advising and structuring IPOs, Backdoor and Conventional Listings of Companies on the Franfurt Stock Exchange (FSE), Stuttgart Stock Exchange (SSE), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Africa’s largest public market, The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

He is a huge women advocate for transformation through bridging gender disparities and bringing about inclusive capitalism structures from the boardroom to the parliament, this he achieves through structuring Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment transactions in a manner that ensures that women have a seat at the table.