Verityhurst was founded in 2007 and is one of the longest running and still operating Private Equity firms in Africa. Verityhurst is a specialist and yet very contrarian money manager that only  focuses on  balance sheet investing. We are dedicated in ensuring that we are successful in making big returns on investment. The firm invests in publicly traded companies that present outstanding investment opportunities, magnified in an environment of volatile commodity prices and historically high operating costs. As private investors utilizing our own capital, we do not have the same liquidity pressures that a fund-based investor has, thereby allowing us to view each of our investments as a long term-term commitment towards building an enduring profitable business.

Verityhurst’s focus is on:

  • Identifying companies with untapped potential and leveraging its wealth of operational expertise and financial resources transform to them into major contributors to its bottom-line.
  • The firm is applauded for its investment, operational and management philosophy and expertise.

Based in Johannesburg, the firm targets companies with market cap of not less than R500 million but may strategically invest in lower market valuation companies. Typically, investments by Verityhurst have leading market positions in their industries, long-term competitive advantages and significant barriers to entry. Potential targets may include private and publicly traded companies.