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Verityhurst was founded in 2007 and is one of the longest running and still operating investment holdings firms in Africa.
We specialize in areas of commerce where other service providers slacked behind.
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Verityhurst focuses on making high returns on private equity investments,  and equity investments in high-potential companies across Africa. We invest in our own funds, both at the individual and firm levels. This creates a powerful alignment of interests and enables us to serve as a true partner to our companies.

Although we prefer to serve as a lead investor, we have strong relations with other top-tier money managers and will co-invest in select opportunities and while we prefer to make private equity investments that present controlling ownership positions, our experience in selecting minority ownership investments will add value guided by our years of experience.

We are independent and we invest across Africa, we do it as a strategic partner alongside management teams. In each of our markets we focus on strong businesses with a great potential to grow, supported by our capital and guided by what we have learned over years.


Verityhurst was founded in 2007 and is one of the longest running and still operating investment holdings…

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Veityhurst’s management team offers professional management expertise, valued in-field experience and…

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Board of Directors

Verityhurst’s Board of Directors consists of a group of seasoned professionals whose collective experience in…

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The members of the senior management team of Verityhurst have developed long-standing working…

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At Verityhurst, we believe that leadership means having the ability to translate vision into reality. Everyone in our…

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